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the bay area is getting a good soaking tonight as the first of two storms moving through, bringing rain to a drought thirsty california. we begin tonight with team coverage from the bay area to the sierra, of that much needed rain and snow. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we're on storm watch tonight, and our first stop is the ktvu weather center, and chief meteorologist bill martin. >> we've got rainfall out there right now. live stormtracker 2 is showing rain, and showers throughout the bay area. we've even had a few thunder showers reported. i'm tracking this area right now on near the richmond bridge. this is a nice looking cell
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moving through richmond, and toward hercules. we can stick a track on it. as they thing moves off, the going to move through the districts of crockett in the next 32 minutes. vallejo in the next 40 minutes or so. not going to see any thunder from this one, but definitely seeing heavy rain in these cells. you're going to see more rain in san francisco. as we work our way toward san bruno, more showers. this was just the first in a series of storms. number 2 is going to be here as well, and is going to play havoc on the commutes as well. we also have showers back in the forecast for tomorrow. so when i come back, i'll have all the complete details, we'll get you covered then. our team coverage continues with amber lee, live in berkely, where the rain kept the chp pretty busy. >> reporter: we're overlooking interstate 80 here in berkely. the weather wrecked havoc for
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the drivers during the evening commute. solo car spinouts, such as this one are common. the driver of this mercedes, says he was on the onramp, when another car cut him off. >> i hit the brakes and the car just spun around, and came right over the curve and the pole was already down. that's where the cones came from. i just slid. it was backwards. >> reporter: the highway patrol says rain, and the warn tires on the mercedes's tread are all factors. >> basically, the car would hydroplane on the water. >> reporter: took cover under umbrellas and wore their rain gear. still, these b.a.r.t. passengers say it was a tough day. >> the trains are packed. everything is really wet and slippery. >> it's been wet, and it's been slow. there's just been a lot of
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traffic. >> reporter: back on the roads, chp says calls for help were constant this evening. the backlog started when people got off work and got behind the wheel. >> i do notice a lot of people drive fast in the rain. that is usually why they end up in accidents. >> reporter: as for the mercedes driver, he says it could have been a whole lot worse. >> i'm happy that i wasn't hurt. >> reporter: back here live overlooking interstate 80. traffic appears to be moving well, despite the wet roads, but chp is reminding drivers with more rain to come, make sure your car is in good working order, and allow more travel time. reporting live in berkely, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. all around the bay area, people prepared for the rain with sandbags. many cities provide filled, or unfilled bags for residents to pick up, usually free of charge. the rules vary in some cases, 20 bags were the limit. others allow 10 per vehicle.
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others have said that their homes flooded in the past, and they didn't want it to happen again, that's why they were stocking up. travelers trying to fly in or out of san francisco airport, faced delays and answerrations today. a total of 147 flights were canceled. officials at sfo said the delays were running anywhere from 30 minutes all the way up to two hours. this storm is bringing snow to the sierra, but so far, only to the high sierra. that snowpack is crucial. it is the primary source of drinking water for many in the bay area. new information about where the snowpack stands. >> reporter: we were up here about two weeks ago, with a shovel to measure the snow here at blue canyon. look at it now. there is no snow at all. of course, we are expecting some snow to come out of these
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storms, but right now it's raining. in our trip to the summit, and back, all we saw this afternoon was rain. at 5,000 feet, there was no snow to be keen, that's unusual for february. even at donner's, a sign that should be half covered snow. >> rain, sprinkles all over the place and the snow that was here a week ago, was way down because of the warm weather and the rain. >> much of it, the remnants of one significant storm earlier this month. >> it's getting to where the likelihood of any reasonable recovery is pretty close to zero. >> reporter: director of
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california cooperative snow survey's, frank gurke. we started the month with a snowpack just 19% of normal. a big storm followed, and boosted the snowpack to 36%. but since then, we've seen a slide. with central sierra snowpack now at 29% of normal for this date. even when this rain turns to snow, and boosts our snowpack in the coming days, it won't make much of a dent, and we'll need more. >> we have had very good marches, but we're down this low you may get a little relief, but certainly not anything that's going to bring things back up to normal. >> reporter: the statewide snowpack number right now, stapleds at 22% of normal. obviously, snow would be better for the snowpack right now, than rain. but he says our reservoirs are
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so low essentially the state will take anything it can get. at blue canyon, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. bill will be back throughout the hour with live updates from stormtracker 2 and the forecast from the next round. plus, in 10 minutes, the gusty wind blowing tonight and the damage they've already caused. with pressure mounting, and under intense scrutiny, the governor of arizona vetoed an intense bill that could have refused service to gays and lesbians based on religious grounds. >> after weighing all of the arguments, i have vetoed senate bill 1062 moments ago. >> girlfriend -- governor jan
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brewer's announcement was greeted with cheers. arizona business leaders were concerned the bill would create a backlash and have a negative impact on the state. demeanor is is how a federal judge in texas described that state's ban on same-sex marriage today. as he ruled, the ban was unconstitutional. the judge called the ban state sanctioned discrimination, and gay couples can't get married just yet, because the judge issued a day stay of appeal. 53% of americans support same- sex marriage. that's up from 32% in 2003 when massachusetts became the first state to legalize same sex marriage. now same-sex marriage is legal in 17 states, and the district of columbia d.c. a shooting happened at 7:40. police say the man was killed outside the home of a family
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member at 76th avenue, and rudsdale court. no arrests so far, but investigators do have a good description of the gunman. officers say this was not a random shooting. in the south bay tonight, a campbell man is under arrest, accused of attempted murderer after police say he intentionally rammed his car into a stranger's home. paul, that driver had passengers in his car. >> that is correct, julie. there were three passengers inside the vehicle, including two young children. we've been told by police this house was probably picked at random, because it's a straight shot down the roadway, we've also learned the driver might be traveling 60 miles per hour, doing a lot of damage, and taking out this antenna. some bushing, and then a fence before going into the home. >> reporter: take a look at this picture. it shows a car that crashed
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into a home. campbell police say around 3:00 this afternoon, the driver, 27- year-old anthony mcsherry jr., intentionally rammed the acura into the side of this house. >> witnesses heard the engine rev and the vehicle attempt to accelerate. that combined with some statements that were made lead us to believe that this was intentional, and he was trying to harm the occupants of the vehicle. >> reporter: the car ripped pillars from the ground, and into the home. police said mcsherry wasn't alone. inside the car, family members. a woman and two children. after the accident, police say mcsherry tried to escape. >> we received information that the driver was attempting to flee, but was stopped by a passerby. >> reporter: the people inside the home were not injured. they declined to talk to us tonight. but police say it was a close call and the driver was under the influence of drugs. this isn't the first time officers had dealt with him. >> we have had interactions with the driver of the vehicle in the past, and we are aware of him. >> reporter: crews will be back out here once again in the
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morning to finish the cleanup. mcsherry faces charges of attempted murder, and driving under the influence. as for the passengers, they were all taken to the hospital and have been released tonight. a $25,000 reward is offered tonight to catch whoever is making poison meatballs in san francisco. in the latest case, dozens were found in the twin peaks and outer richmond neighborhood, sickening at least one dog. last fall, dogs died due to the same incident. tonight, jeremy stoppleman released a statement which read in part, my dog darwin is a big part of my life. i can't imagine losing him to this kind of thoughtless cruelty, and i hope in one has to lose their pet either. students say sexual assault suspects are walking free. >> there isn't one rapist walking on campus, there's hundreds. >> the excuses they hear when
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reporting an assault. >> i'm tracking yet another storm, and another round of rain. when it will begin, coming up. >> and next, violent, and mentally unstable people with guns.
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a three day special operation in marin.
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authorities have captured weapons from people who are prohibited by law from owning weapons. heather holmes is in san rafael tonight to tell us about the operation, and why it's unique to california. >> reporter: frank, right now, tens of thousands of people across the state have guns, but shouldn't. to try to reduce that backlog, marin county law enforcement went knocking on doors. >> reporter: the potentially lethal guns can no longer do harm to anything or anyone. marin county district attorney checked on those in the county barred from owner firearms. >> we want to make sure we get the weapons out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them.
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>> t h at is a potential danger point. >> reporter: with more than 21,000 californians in possession of more than 40,000 guns illegally, state agents can't keep up. so the d.a. put his team to work last week. >> it took us across the county entirely were rehelicopterred carry out the operation that started here in novato at the home of a man with a mental illness. >> we had learned that he had recently been released from a mental facility. he was cooperative with us. we found numerous weapons in his residence with a large amount of ammunition. >> reporter: including an assault rifle here were inside the man's house. >> it's an immediate danger to the community, and law enforcement. >> reporter: just like the state agents that we went along with, and showed you back in november, this county team went house to house. frank and julie, the d.a. here tells me, he is planning
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more of of these spot checks to seize the weapons, and ultimately destroy them. reporting live tonight, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. new information tonight on a man with a knife who was shot to death last week by campus police from san jose state university. the santa clara county medical examiner has identified him as 38-year-old antonio lopez guzman. investigators say officers ordered him to drop the knife, but he refused. police say they then used a taser and that that had no affect. that's when they shot him. investigators say lopez guzman was carrying a foot long saw blade. that's similar to a jagged edge tool used to cutting draw wall. oakland police have identified three men who have committed at least five armed robberies since last sunday. police say they're robbing people in north oakland, along san pablo, college, and telegraph avenues.
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they are said to be driving a silver dodge nitro. police say the men are considered armed and dangerous, and should not be confronted. the trial period for a private security company patrolling the rock wing district in oakland is coming to an end. we learned the company said it is not profitable for it to stay on the job. dna security began patroling rockridge. dna agreed to patrol the area through february, but the company says it will not extend the contract. the community group that hired them is planning on hiring premier protective services to take over the area in march. traffic was flowing earlier this edge at rush hour, but the tube shut down for repairs, and is scheduled to reopen at 5:00
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p.m. tomorrow. they include drawbridges at park avenue, hide street, and fruitvale avenue. at this hour, there's is still plenty of rain showing up on stormtracker 2. we've seen downpours at times. this is just the first in a series of storms. first, the gusty winds across the bay area tonight. a wind advisory is in effect with gusts up to 50 miles an hour possible especially at the coast of the jana katsuyama is live at ocean beach. she tells us, pge and is expecting the rains could lead to power outages. >> reporter: the winds barreling up from the south. just a while ago, we saw that south of lincoln on the great highway, that has been closed. pg and e is telling me they are preparing for power outages, and already had some today. at the cliff house tonight, you could not only hear the wind, you could see it. whipping ashore with a powerful force that blue rain
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horizontally across the road, and had pedestrians struggling just to stay upright. >> the wind is so strong, it was pushing me up the sidewalk. the waves are like awesomely crazy. >> reporter: drivers crossing the golden gate bridge had to contend with crazy cross winds. >> it was pretty windy. driving a big suv and it was still shaking. i told my daughter, be careful. >> reporter: in the south bay, wind toppled a large pine tree in los altos early in the day. they have extra crews on stand by tonight and for the next couple of days. >> we'll be ready to ramp up, activate our command center if necessary in order to deploy resources to the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: about 13% of the power outages are caused by
10:20 pm
trees. when storm spring winds saturate the ground. a wooden power pole cracked at the base after a tree fell down and pulled power lines with it. >> on friday, we will anticipate the possibility of the soil possibly being saturated. you do anticipate situations like that, where even healthy trees are coming down. >> reporter: the pg and e spokesman is suggesting people make sure they charge their cell phones and use flashlights instead of candles. if you see a down line, make sure you call 911. reporting live tonight in ocean beach in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. now to the rain falling right now, and what you can expect right now. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin back in the weather center. >> more showers out there now, frank and julie. right now, tracking this area by the richmond, san rafael bridge. at strong cell. heavy rain moving up towards cordelia. it will move through in about
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50 minutes, and run into vacaville. we've got shells or scattered showers all over the place. they've continued to produce rain over the last 6 hours. almost over an inch and a half in santa rosa. we had an inch in san francisco, over 3.5 inches in the santa cruz mountains. that's great news. this is the kind of weather system you expect in february. it's going to continue to produce. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., the morning commute, scattered showers. as we head into lunchtime, a little bit of clearing. but more scattered showers. when i come back, going to take this model. this is stuff between storms. friday is the next one coming in. i'm give you the timeline for that, because it will hit the commute. we'll talk to you then. you can get the weather forecast to go on your smartphone or tablet with the ktvu weather appment it has live radar, and forecasts from our weather team. it's available for both apple, and android users. a giant canary palm tree is one step closer to its new home
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at the eastern span of the bay bridge, after the tree was removed from a yard in walnut creek. it's a story we first brought you last night at 10:00, the homeowners were getting ready to spend thousands of dollars to will he move the palm. first, the tree will be sent to riverside to be checked for disease. if it gets the okay, it will be added to the row of palms at the foot of the new span. tonight at 10:30, a precious resource that's being stolen. >> the hunt is on in northern california for illegal pot growers growing where they're not supposed to. >> campus needs to take a stand, and support survivers. >> the action more than 30 women are now taking
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dozens of people donned their hoodies and took to oakland to protest the death of trayvon martin. too often those who kill black men or people of color get away without adequate punishment. some claim sexual assault suspects are going free on campus, and little is being done to stop it. nearly three dozen women have now filed a complaint. >> reporter: uc berkely is none as one of the best universities in the world. now a group of current and former students are arguing it's also where sexual assaults aren't taken seriously. -- >> reporter: 31 women are filing complaints. >> you don't have a case
10:26 pm
because there isn't anyone to corroborate what you're saying, and oh, he's such a nice guy. >> reporter: these women say they were assaulted by the same male student on different occasions. >> there was no attention paid that he might assault someone again. that it was a danger to have him in this environment. >> our hearts go out to them for the unimaginable trauma that they've been through. >> reporter: the school says it was affecting change prior to today. >> we've added a position to help them go through a process. >> reporter: uc berkely's chance lore put out a statement saying quote, sexual assault has no place on a college campus, or anywhere in civilized society. in berkely, john is a john -- john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. the judges ruled 2-1 in
10:27 pm
favor of actress cindy lee garcia. she sued saying she was duped into appearing in a film. it was called the innocence of muslims, and she says her voice was dubbed over to insult the prophet mohammed. google argued it was pointly because it was already widely circulated. >> sara says she started recording after two women at the molotov ball on haight confronted her. following that, she says a man took the glasses right off her face and ran. she ended up getting her google glass back, but says her purse and phone were stolen. police say they'd like to talk to the man, and the two women involved. wait until you see this. convenience store workers taking action. tonight at 10:45, how two bay area men turned the tables on an armed robber. >> but first, in three minutes, a ktvu special report.
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millions of gallons of water stolen. how a theft by illegal pot growers is hurting children at school. hey! hi! ladies, how are you? let's taste some wine. ♪ ♪ seize your vacation with a southwest airlines sale. go to, where our lowest fares are now available as low as $69 one-way.
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[ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ back to our storm watch tonight. after the winter storm bringing much needed rain to the bay area, here on the right is the view one driver had tonight on 580 in the east bay, literally as sheets of rain were falling. safe to say that at least the heaviest rain for now is over? >> yeah, the heaviest rain hit on that afternoon commute. it was just hammering, and we still have heavy rain out there right now. right over here, east of walnut creek. we move it up this way, you're going to see the timing as it moves through some of the these
10:31 pm
neighborhoods. pittsburgh in the next 40 minutes. clayton, the rain going to pick up for you in the next 40 minutes or so. the half bay, nearly an inch of rain. you've got showers showing up in san jose, and in campbell. so scattered showers throughout the night, still a chance for a thunder shower. as we head into tomorrow morning, a chance for more showers on that morning commute. and then again, friday a bigger storm, not bigger than this last one in terms of rainfall, but bigger in terms of wind, moves in on friday, and it will impact that commute. i'll have the timeline back here for you in just a bit. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage be, and first thing tomorrow, turn to the ktvu morning team for the forecast for the rain and the commute and how it will affect your day. despite today's rain, the theft of water can be a very real problem, especially in a drought. one northern california sheriff says the victims now include
10:32 pm
school children. mike mibach reports on the hunt for water thieves. >> reporter: there's the hunt. >> oftentimes, yes, those individuals are armed. >> do you want to be next in line, colton? >> reporter: the victims. the spectator. >> it is stealing water. >> reporter: three stories bonded by water, all draining into a tale of thievery, focused on creeks, rivers, tanks, and taps. >> this year, our deputies know our priority is marijuana growers who are stealing water. >> reporter: mendocino county sheriff says pot growers are ripping off millions of gallons of water. drought has descended on california, and on this day -- >> we're going after the people who are really, truly greedy. >> reporter: he took us on a drive. >> known to the sheriff's department as a place where
10:33 pm
illegal marijuana is grown. the also known as a spot where water is stolen. >> reporter: he says the water threat is happening day and night. >> many reports of water crooks, hooking up to fire hydrants in the middle of the night. >> reporter: sounds of waves crashes, and a water war brewing. >> a crisis, because we could not run schools. >> reporter: principal of horicon elementary school, located in the small town of annapolis. >> it was pretty aggressive. they would have to open the valve and take it out in a tanker. >> reporter: no water mention no kitchen, no bathroom, no recess, no class. >> it's upsetting to have to
10:34 pm
not be able to have your school. >> reporter: she had to dip into the general fund to buy water. $3,500 gone in seconds. then, there's the city of willard. for the county emergency drought declaration, registration water usage is restricted to 150 gallons a day. right now, the city is tapping into a well used for irrigation. >> we're going to pump it over to a filtration system. >> reporter: it will be fed right into the city's main water supply. >> this is unchartered territory. >> reporter: water theft on the minds of resident doris calayam. catching and storing every drop she couldment as she does her part, she says the difficult to watch her county's water get ripped off again and again. >> people should realize that if we're in a drought, the going to hurt everybody. >> the sheriff has assured us,
10:35 pm
they're going to be prosecuting water theft. someone akinned it to looting after an emergency. it's sort of on that scale. who steals water? >> very active on this, and he's helping us, we're looking to change some of the laws, maybe improve some of the laws, and update them. >> reporter: the mendocino district attorney's office, says it has not prosecuted a big water case in months. the tank will be locked, school will be open, the bowls and buckets will stay out. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> we get many of our story ideases from viewers. if you have and idea from 2 investigates, we want to hear from you. email us. blocking the investigation of an acid spill that injured two workers. the employees suffered first and second degree burns from a
10:36 pm
spray of sulfuric acid two weeks ago. the board said quote, it creates a real concern that tesoro might be trying to conceal other activity. an up to the minute look at the neighborhood. and the timeline for your second round of showers. >> and cracking down on e cigarettes.
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b.a.r.t. had to shut down service in san francisco at the height of today's rush hour so police could search for two robbery suspects. the stations were closed just before 5:00 p.m. police were chasing the men on the tracks underground. that backed up commuters citywide. these photos come from our facebook followers, and show the crowd at the embarcadero station. service then resumed at 5:30. the robbery suspects, so far have not been found. the bart board of directors meets tomorrow night.
10:40 pm
on its agenda, banning strikes by b.a.r.t.'s union. the board is considering putting the matter before viewers with a november ballot measure asking california lawmakers to ban labor strikes at b.a.r.t. the strikes inconvenienced tens of thousands of people across the bay area. it has been described as the darkest day in santa cruz. today marks one year since police sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler were gunned down in the line of duty. [ playing taps ] >> taps played today, and officers stood in formation to honor the two officers remembered as heros. despite the rain, a large number of people came to pay their respects, including injured giants fan, and paramedic, bryan stow. colleagues say they were touched by the large turnout. >> we're all in this together and we're not going to forget the sacrifices of these officers. >> also unveiled today, a new
10:41 pm
batch for the santa cruz police department. it has the badge numbers of the two officers killed, and their end of watch date. a relatively quiet day on wall street ended with small gains for the major indexes. nasdaq added 4. we may see more movement tomorrow after fed chair janet yellen speaks before the banking committee. tesla says it can build nor batteries faster and at a lower cost than is currently available on the world market. it has narrowed to sites in california, arizona, and texas. health officials said a woman was in her 40s, she dayed within the last month. officials did not say if she had a flue vaccination. this brings the total number of flu deaths to seven since december. across the bay area, officials have reported at least 49 deaths from the flu.
10:42 pm
you can see on our map that santa clara has the highest number with 14 deaths reported. they only count flu deaths when the person is younger than 65. tonight, five senators teamed up to curb the marketing efforts of electronic cigarette makers. the senators introduced a bill today. if passed, it would limit e- cigarette marking, while the industry is waiting for regulation. new video shows pop star justin bieber behind bars. the video was made public. >> bill martin been busy all day long. he has your forecast and more rain still on the way. >> and a remarkable take down at a bay area convenience store. a would be robber was thrown to the ground. tonight, we meet the man who made the tackle. safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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only on 2 tonight. clerks take action against an armed robber. all of it caught on video. rob roth spoke with one of the men involved in that, and told us what motivated him to jump in and tackle that would be robber. >> reporter: store employee, joe williams had just finished his shift at the a.m. p.m. when this man walked in, and pointed a gun at the cashier. >> the guy came in and said hey, give me all the money. >> reporter: the video shows the clerk grabbing the gunman's arm. the customer gets out of the way, then entered joe williams in a move worthy of a professional wrestler. williams held him down while the other clerk placed the gun
10:46 pm
on the counter. he says the gunman was pleading for him to let him go. we met williams this afternoon at the store. >> i was real nervous, but at the time, my adrenalin took over. >> reporter: police arrested michael corbin for attempted robbery, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. police say what williams did was heroic, but don't advice citizens to confront people with guns. >> i have heard of other situations where it turned tragic, unnecessarily, because people fought and resisted. it's an extremely dangerous, and critical incident that unfolded. >> i'm proud of myself, man, i did a good deed. >> reporter: there's something the video doesn't show after it was all over. >> my friend, we shook hands, and gave big hugs to each other. we're both still here. >> reporter: the boss is now giving him more hours at this store, and police say they want to give him a commendation.
10:47 pm
in richmond, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. now to some developments on a story ktvu first brought you last month, involving home burglaries of people on vacation that police say were carried out with the help of a pet smart employee. san mateo police now say 25- year-old ashley kirk and her husband, juan aramos were responsible for three additional robberies in that city this past august. police say kirk worked at a pet smart in san carlos, and identified the homes to be robbed when people boarded their pets at the store. last month, the two were arrested in connection with several home robberies in san carlos, foster city, portola valley, and redwood city. late word tonight of troubles on a delta flight to oakland that landed safely about an hour ago. the flight was coming from los angeles, when passengers reported smelling smoke. passengers say when they arrived, the pilot slammed on the brakes. when the plane arrived at the gate, passengers were told to get off, and leave their
10:48 pm
belongings behind. we spoke with delta, and a passenger, and are awaiting official word on what may have caused the situation. trouble appears to be following justin bieber and his entourage. his security guard was arrested for stealing a photographer's camera yesterday. he claims the photographer got too close to bieber who was leaving an atlanta area amusement park that the singer had rented out. today miami authorities released video of justin bieber taken after his arrest in january taken after he was under the influence. bieber was pulled over for allegedly racing on city streets. he has pleaded not guilty to charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and having an invalid driver's
10:49 pm
license. a hearing is scheduled on march 4. looking at the rain as it moved through the bay area the last six ours or so. reds, yellows, heavy rain. still some showers out there, but really dying down rapidly. you see it dying down toward fairfield, and vacaville. you're getting some areas of of heavy rain at times, but very short lived. not like we had about an hour, or two hours ago. you've got some stuff by miraga and orinda. we've had an interesting night of rain. plenty of reports of lightning and thunder as well. strong wind gusts as well. there's system number 1 as it moves through. as it moves off, we're going to get a little bit of a break, tomorrow, still scattered light showers. tomorrow, it's not going to be like today, but tomorrow is going to be cloudy. a little bit of sun and
10:50 pm
scattered showers. cue friday's storm. this takes a dive south. we're going to get rain, mostly strong, gusty winds from this, the rain won't be the biggest deal. so heavy rain in southern california. wind gusts on us for friday. the friday morning commute is going to get hit pretty hard. more scattered showers, 5:00 on thursday. then here we are friday. thursday night, friday morning. there's your friday morning commute here. 6:00a.m., and a little later in the day, about noon, and into 5:00. so friday looks to be a wet day. not as wet as today, i don't think, but it's going to be windier, and it will be stormy. in the mountains, the snow continues to fall on friday. then saturday morning, a few scattered showers, and then it's done. you get a break on sunday. looks like saturday is a pretty good day after lunchtime, and sunday at this point looks like it's going to clear out. forecast highs tomorrow, 59 in vallejo. 63 in livermore. temperatures with a little bit
10:51 pm
of sunshine. we're going to see a little bit of sunshine tomorrow. we'll get up into the low 60s in the santa clara valley. the five-day forecast, a nice weather system we had roll through here right during the afternoon commute, but it was just what we needed. we're going to get another round here. we saw up to 2 and a half inches of rain with this last system. on friday, we could see another inch of rain. so that's good. maybe an inch and a half, two inches. the santa cruz mountains got 2.5, 4 inches over the last few hours. just exactly what we need. friday is going to be another wet one, the weekend should dry out. >> so you some lightning tonight too. a flash of it. >> it was pouring at times. mark's here now. >> warriors. not a good night for the warriors. >> not at all. as far as basketball goes. not one of the bay area's prouder moments all around. cal and stanford get work in. the warriors streak snuffed
10:52 pm
out. first time since 1999, not a single warrior scored in double- digits, also the ball movement. pretty good here. david lee is back. 11 off the bench for him. when you shoot 35% from the floor, that's not going to work either. the bulls begin to own it from the 2nd quarter on. mike dunleavy, a former warrior working the baseline. he had 15 points in a starting roll for chicago. the blowout begins. matter of fact, they win it by 20, as taj gibson, which you might call your high percentage shot. he had 21 to lead everyone. even warrior fans on the short end of things, as benny the ball, silly string a golden stater who showed up in the stands. also in the nba, the story means nothing. just a weird piece of video for a guy who probably needs to find a new shoe company.
10:53 pm
look at manu ginobili. the shoe blowout. a brand new shoe as a matter of fact. not this time, not on our court. that's how arizona responds to cal after the bears did up end them a few weeks ago in berkely, when the wildcats were number 1 in the nation. eric gordon, out of san jose, stole it. pretty much knew what to do with it too once he got down there. more of the same 2nd half. gordon owns the baseline inconsistent. cal now only 9-6 in the pac-12. when we come back, we'll see if the stanford cardinal men able to bring victory to the bay area, and the cactus league underway. see the a's, get very defensive as they take on the giants. sports part 2 next.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
not really the kind of performance from the stanford men that would lead you to believe they'll be reaching for any higher heights once the tournament hits. another dose of uninspired play down at asu. randall had 17. however, asu relies on carson. that's a good idea. 26 points, and shooting 8 of 11
10:57 pm
from the floor to do it. 76-64 asu winning it. it is just the first exhibition game of the cactus league, but one team looked ready for it, and that would be the a's. playing some late season form defense. look at josh redick. won the golden glove a couple of years ago, robbing michael morse. 10-5, your final. it's going to get a whole lot better than that for the giants. but for the a's, the just another day for them. >> redick makes that look so easy, doesn't he? thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> tune into the ktvu morning news before you head out tomorrow for the latest on the wet and windy weather. they're here from 4:30 until 9:00. follow us anytime on twitter, facebook, and the ktvu
10:58 pm
app. thanks for joining us. >> good night. ♪ [ music ]
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
(telephone ringing) night. no. middle of the phone. i got it. get it. oh! my arm's asleep! my arm's asleep! phil, get the phone. oh! (beep) that's me. hello! hi. (grunts) yes, this is she. who is it? okay. oh, god. tell me what's happening here! haley has been arrested. what? (telephone ringing) phone! phone. i bet that's mama. i was just dreaming it was raining chickens! mitchell, answer the phone! (beep) look what i am doing. look what i am doing, huh? hello? hey, mitchell. i'm sorry to wake you up, but haley got arrested. oh, god. haley got arrested. that explains the chickens. it does. it adds up. what did she get arrested for? oh, she got caught drinking at some party. look, could you drive up to the college with us? i think we're gonna need a lawyer. yes, of course. and cam and lily can come over and stay with alex and luke. i'll guard them with my life. yeah, yeah.

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